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Way finding welcome application

When your entire office has a moving day, it can be extremely stressful. Moving to an entirely new building or even just to a new floor can really throw off your groove.


The colorful Welcome App held all the FAQs and juicy good to know details to help you avoid asking the same question for the one-thousandth time or getting lost on your way back from the restroom. No one will know how many times you forgot where the building was while checking the route to your commute!

Flexing within a brand

The Welcome App didn’t require staying within the design brand as it would only be used internally. I decided to use this as an opportunity to test design within the brand and see how unique and fresh I could make it feel while still following brand guidelines.

How to find the app

Ready to share the helpful Welcome App, posters were placed around the new building with a QR code that would open the web application quickly. 

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